Coaching FAQs

The Coaching Compass: Frequently Asked Questions Explained

Think of it as having a personal trainer but for your career and personal life goals. A coach helps you figure out where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there without tripping over your own feet.

Practically anyone who’s ever wondered, “What’s next?” or “Is this it?” Whether you’re a high-flying executive or a dreamer with a startup idea scribbled on a napkin, life coaching is your backstage pass to the show of self-improvement. It’s for those who feel like they’re on a treadmill, running a marathon, or sometimes, just running late.

If you’ve got goals, dreams, or even a nagging feeling that you could be doing more with your life, then life coaching might just be the secret ingredient in your recipe for success. Plus, it’s a safe space for those ‘aha!’ moments, which are way better than ‘uh-oh’ ones.

Consultants tell you what to do; coaches ask you the right questions so you can figure it out yourself. It’s like the difference between being given a fish and learning how to fish while enjoying a good chat.

Expect a mix of deep questions, light-bulb moments, and maybe an uncomfortable truth or two. It’s a bit like digging for treasure in your backyard; you never know what you’ll find.

It’s not instant coffee. Think of it more like brewing a fine espresso. Results can vary, but usually, you’ll start noticing changes within a few weeks to a few months.

Nope, it’s for anyone who feels they’re trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the dark. Whether you’re a CEO or a start-up hustler, coaching can shed some light.

It’s a bit like dating – you’re looking for that click. Check their credentials, but trust your gut, too. After all, you’ll be sharing your hopes, dreams, and possibly your secret love for karaoke.

Absolutely. They’re like a GPS for when you’re career-driving through fog. They can help you find new routes or scenic detours you hadn’t considered.

They’re more like a wise friend who asks the right questions. They won’t tell you to turn left or right, but they’ll make sure you notice the signs.

Unless it’s so brilliant it deserves a TED talk, what happens in a coaching session stays in the coaching session.

Investing in coaching is like investing in a top-notch map for a treasure hunt. It’s not just about the treasure but the wisdom gained along the journey.

Recognizing the impact of coaching can sometimes feel like trying to notice your hair growing – it’s gradual but definite.

Sometimes, the people around you notice changes before you do. If your friends start asking for the secret to your newfound zen, your coach might be behind it.

The length of time people work with coaches varies depending on their goals and needs. Some people work with coaches for a few months, while others work with coaches for several years.

Transforming Life and Relationships: My Journey with Coach Melvin

I’ve been working with my coach, Melvin, focusing on my well-being, weight management, and parenting my daughter. Menopause brought challenges like fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, and irritability, often affecting my relationship with my daughter.

Melvin’s approach in our sessions involved probing questions to uncover my core concerns and collaboratively finding solutions. The outcomes have been transformative:

Daily Exercise Routine: He advised me to start with short, almost daily exercises. Beginning with small steps and being accountable (even encouraging me to share my exercise journal with him) has helped me turn this into a habit.

Perspective on Parenting: Melvin reminded me of the importance of nurturing without overstepping, ensuring a solid foundation in our relationship so she always feels safe and open with me. So, yes. “My daughter is alive🙏… my daughter has a life. This life is hers.”

Melvin’s genuine dedication, wisdom, and practical advice have been motivational. Thank you, Melvin, for your impactful guidance and support.
Gladys Chia
Case Manager