Did you know lobster can grow up to 1 m long and weigh as much as 20 kg? Guess what? Some can even live to be 100 years old!

These “achievements” are caused by their unique moulting process, which involves shedding their old, limiting exoskeleton to accommodate a more expansive one.

It’s a period of both growth and vulnerability (when it’s “naked” without any hard shell to protect itself against predators), teaching us profound life lessons.

Unlocking Your Potential: How Lobsters Teach Us About Growth and Vulnerability

Ever thought a lobster could be your life coach? Stick with me because the insights are as rich as the lobster bisque you’re imagining right now.

The Moulting Metaphor: A Growth Spurt

Just like lobsters grow in size, weight, and potentially even longevity through moulting, we, too, have phases of accelerated growth in our lives.

Our ‘shells’ might be self-limiting beliefs or perhaps jobs that no longer challenge us. Breaking free opens doors to new opportunities, be it in our careers, personal development, or even long-lasting happiness.

The Soft Shell Phase: Embracing Vulnerability

Here’s the rub: a lobster, in its grand size and lengthy lifespan, is most vulnerable when it’s between shells and “naked”.

It’s the same for us.

Breaking new ground often comes with risks and uncertainties. Yet, during these soft-shell phases, we have the greatest capacity for rapid growth and long-term resilience.

For me, my most vulnerable moments this year were the practicums. I’m not sure about you, but getting ‘seen and graded’ openly was one of the most uncomfortable moments in my life.

Seeking Shelter: The Support System

In the same vein as a moulting lobster seeking refuge in rocky nooks, we need our safe spaces and allies when undergoing transformative phases.

These secure environments are not just for hiding but for gathering strength, much like a lobster absorbing calcium for its new shell.

So, the next time you’re breaking out of your shell and facing new vulnerabilities, remember the lessons from our crustacean friend.

You’re not just making room for growth but setting the stage for a more expansive, resilient, and potentially long-lasting life.

Cheers to embracing your own versions of moulting!

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