A Kind Testimonial is worth a million words

Client Shout-Outs

Finding My Answers Within

My coaching journey with Coach Melvin, spanning several weeks, was a self-exploration adventure. He helped me realise that we inherently possess solutions to our challenges; a coach like Melvin steers us towards the right questions and answers, a lesson that will undoubtedly influence my future.
Joic Ng
Accounts Assistant

Regained Focus and Overcame Inertia

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to have an online coaching session with Mr. Melvin Neo. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had. He was very humble and attentive throughout the session.

He even helped me regain my focus and taught me how to get things started. I’m extremely grateful for the session. Thank you, Mr. Melvin, for your time. If you’re looking for a coaching session, I highly recommend him.
Hans Imran

Transformed by Guidance

I’ve been a follower of Melvin for over five years, profoundly impacted by his insights. Recently, I had the opportunity for a one-on-one coaching session with him, an experience I was thrilled about.

Melvin’s engaging approach during the session was instrumental in helping me identify not only my passions but also practical future goals. His clear and well-paced communication allowed me to reflect deeply on my needs and objectives, fostering a sense of trust and comfort.

The sessions were empowering, challenging, and motivating. I eagerly anticipate future sessions and highly recommend Melvin’s coaching to anyone seeking guidance.
Maria Kate
Property Ambassador

Transforming Life and Relationships

I’ve been working with my coach, Melvin, focusing on my well-being, weight management, and parenting my daughter. Menopause brought challenges like fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, and irritability, often affecting my relationship with my daughter.

Melvin’s approach in our sessions involved probing questions to uncover my core concerns and collaboratively finding solutions. The outcomes have been transformative:

Daily Exercise Routine: He advised me to start with short, almost daily exercises. Beginning with small steps and being accountable (even encouraging me to share my exercise journal with him) has helped me turn this into a habit.

Perspective on Parenting: Melvin reminded me of the importance of nurturing without overstepping, ensuring a solid foundation in our relationship so she always feels safe and open with me. So, yes. “My daughter is alive🙏… my daughter has a life. This life is hers.”

Melvin’s genuine dedication, wisdom, and practical advice have been motivational. Thank you, Melvin, for your impactful guidance and support.
Gladys Chia
Case Manager

A Trusted Guide for Personal and Professional Growth

Melvin has been instrumental in my growth, both professionally and personally. His advice in areas like tax, online presence, and marketing has been invaluable, simplifying complex topics and making them practical for me.

What sets Melvin apart is his holistic approach. He’s not just about business tactics; he’s about personal development. His advice on enhancing my career, managing time more effectively, and improving my overall well-being has been transformative.

The way he guides me through the nuances of relationships is remarkable. His insights into balancing family, friendships, and work responsibilities have deepened my connections and brought harmony into my life.

Most importantly, Melvin has taught me emotional intelligence. His lessons on understanding emotions, building self-confidence, and seeing the world beyond black and white have opened new perspectives for me.

Melvin is more than a mentor; he’s a catalyst for change. His blend of professional knowledge and personal wisdom has made me more confident, capable, and connected.
Joeng Yang
Professional Makeup Artist